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Guards! Guards! will be performed at the Gate Arts Centre, 16th-19th August 2017. Keep an eye on our website and social media streams for more information.


The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents


Rats! They disarm the traps, widdle in the flour and charge a very reasonable price to leave town.
That isn’t how it’s supposed to go of course, but then these are no ordinary rats. They are the Changelings, a group of rats who became smart after eating off a magical rubbish heap. With the guidance of the streetwise alleycat Maurice, the Changelings now run a very profitable business posing as a fake plague in unsuspecting towns. All they needed was stupid-looking kid with a pipe who leads them all out of town, for a fee…

That is; until one last job in Bad Blintz, a starving town with a serious rat problem. They soon realise that this town is not quite as it seems and something darker is hiding underneath. Remember, there are bad things in the Dark Wood…

Monstrous Productions have been bringing Terry Pratchett to the stage in Cardiff since 2012. After donating over £20k to Alzheimer’s Research UK, Maurice was a new project for us, with all proceeds being donated to the Forget-Me-Not Chorus, a local choir for people with dementia and their families.